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A Point to Ponder - Apreciating our hiders

In this series I am hoping to stimulate thought and discussion about geocaching topics that make me curious.

There are a group of cachers that without whom we would have no game to play. Those within our ranks that take their time, and money to place and maintain all those containers we so enjoy finding. What do they do it for?

Do they do it for the glory? The fame?

I don't think so. I think they do it for a smile, you know the smile we all get when after reaching ground zero we look and discover the container, that smile that reflects the true root of why we cache.

A Point to Ponder - The Throw Down

In this series I am hoping to stimulate thought and discussion about geocaching topics that make me curious.
The Throw Down - Replacing a cache container when the original container appears missing.
When is this practice appropriate and are we doing the game a favour or are we doing damage to the game we all know and love.
I will be the first to admit I have done several throw downs and actually set out on at least one occasion with almost the sole purpose being to replace the containers of an inactive cacher.

A point to ponder - How we play the game.

A point to ponder.

How we play the game.

In a game with as many variations as Geocaching it is really not surprising that our players play the game differently. Heck looking back at my time in the game I have been:
- an occasional cacher
- a streaker
- a wordy logger
- a brief logger...(I could go on and on, as I believe most of us can)

Before we pass judgment on how others play the game, should we pause to reflect if our own bias and experience are influencing our opinion?

Play the game and have fun. I think it makes our game better.


October Stats Report - compliments of Geocacher Ken

Ladies and Gentlemen. Pardon the interruption. Now presenting, the October milestones and stats report.

The following MBGA members reached milestones:
300: skylar 1232003
400: Fiona & Shrek, brian-i
500: Pembina Dan
900: Cool Andrew 132, Hockey_family

1,000: Plainesrebel.
1,200: Jaremian.
1,300: lord yorlik, hct81
1,400: Sam and Lily.
1,800: the DoWoP's

2,000: JAB007
2,500: 1purplemonkeydishwasher1
3,000: 2rjs, KeeGee.
8,500: bergmannfamily.

10,000: okeeffek
12,000: 4elements5senses
36 geocachers hit milestones with only 19 being MBGA members.

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