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«Sunday February 19, 2017»
Start: 1:00 pm
End: 5:00 pm

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Ever had the urge to compete in the Olympics? This is your chance to answer the call and compete for glory! Jabbywockyz present the first inaugural Winter Olympics live from Dauphin, Manitoba. Team up and face off against fellow geocachers in this event that is recommended for people of all ages. Battle for gold in a variety of different winter themed activities. Do you have what it takes to win some medals for your country?

Location and Time
The Olympics will be held in Vermillion Park on Sunday, February 19th(long weekend) in Dauphin, MB.

Start: 6:00 pm
End: 8:00 pm

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After a glorious day in the olympic trenches it's time to refuel!

This potluck event will be held at the Dauphin Multipurpose Senior Center. On February 19th the event will start at 6pm and wrap up by 8pm. We will have a silver collection to help pay for the rental of the hall. Thanks!

Take this time to enjoy some good food, unwind, reflect on the day and visit with fellow cachers. If possible we ask that each team bring a dish that is influenced by the country they represented in the winter olympics.

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