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Late Call for Nominations for the MBGA Board, 2014

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PostPosted: Apr 08, 2014 3:10 am    Post subject: Late Call for Nominations for the MBGA Board, 2014 Reply with quote

Nominations are requested for MBGA director’s positions to be elected at the Annual General Meeting on April 27, 2014.

The board of directors will serve to manage the affairs of the MBGA for a one year term following the election. If you, or someone you know, would like to volunteer please e-mail with the name and contact information of the nominee. Permission must be obtained before nominating another person. Nominees should submit a statement of their qualifications before the AGM.

Nominations are accepted for any Manitoba resident, 18 years or older, who is an eligible voting member of the MBGA for at least thirty (30) days prior to the election. Nominations are open until midnight, March 27, 2014.

For further details on the election and operation of the MBGA please refer to the Election Policy and Bylaws. Reviewing past meeting minutes of the MBGA committee will also give you an idea of what to expect.

Nominees are running for a director position on the board. Once the group of directors has been elected, the board will elect officer positions.

As per the MBGA Election Policy, if there are insufficient nominees to fill the Board positions, a call for nominees from the floor shall occur
at the AGM


(As well, if you feel that you would be excited to volunteer your time and energy, by all means, ask someone to nominate you.)


We are now 20 days away from the 2014 AGM. This doesn't mean that nominations should cease. Please do make your nominations known and we will make the nomination official from the floor of the AGM.

Due to departing members, we will be losing skills in a couple of key positions and have a very big need to fill.

1) Treasurer
Description: The treasurer is responsible keeping the financial records of the organization in order. This role does not need to require the handling of money. However, traditionally, the treasurer has been one of the two signatories required to issue a cheque.

2) Secretary (Communications Officer)
Description: The Secretary/Communications Officer is responsible for the written records of the board of directors, including the minutes of each meeting. (Best suited for someone who is well organised and detail oriented.)

Please, if you are a person who matches either of the above and wish to give back to the community of Geocaching, don't be shy and let us know!

We are also looking for new board members that can fill smaller roles as members at large. The responsibilities would depend on the various roles filled.

"So do they sometimes hide caches in dog poo like this?" "No, that's real poo. You might want to put that down."
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PostPosted: Apr 17, 2014 11:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here is the list so far of nominees to be on the board of the MBGA for 2014 (click on the name for their profile).

Jo-Ann (AngelFreak)

I started geocaching in July 2010 and am known for finding my first 507 caches without a gps or smartphone.

I am a very outgoing and friendly individual with a background in customer service and sales. My passion is planning parties and I have organized several different kinds (birthdays, holidays, game nights, murder mystery, tupperware, etc) for my family and friends.

I attended my first geocaching event in October 2011 and then my first MBGA board meeting the next month where I volunteered to investigate an event idea that I had. Unfortunately it didn't work out but I was happy to help plan an event for the board in February 2011.

I became Interim Events Coordinator in March and have enjoyed being Event Coordinator ever since.

Being in this position has helped inspire me to begin a career in this field. I'm starting with the legal administrative assistant course this year and will take further courses directed towards event planning in the future.

I would like to continue to provide my services to the board.

Mike (Glacier_ice)

My name is Mike Neale, aka Glacier_ice and even sometimes “Red Shirt Brian”. You may remember me from such Geocaches as ‘Jimmy "Two Cups" MACHiato’, 'Zach's Place' and 'Photo Edited'. I am currently serving my fourth term as MBGA President and my fifth year on the board of directors. There will be no vote bribery coming from me, so if you were looking for tips to solve Photo Edited in exchange for your vote, I am sorry, but you'll have to solve that one the old fashioned way. I will, however, continue to share stories, in my cache logs, about my three little Ice Cubes that sometimes go caching with me. I am willing to keep my name on the ballot for this year's election and continue to serve on the board of directors. I look forward to meeting the new geocachers who will be attending their first AGM this year. I also look forward to the Jedi Food Duel. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Stacy (GroovyPinkSocks - GPS)

I have been geo-caching since November of 2011, and currently have over 2000 finds. I have enjoyed many events such as assisting with geo venture, travelling to Churchill and the always anticipated "road trip".

I volunteer in many aspects of my childrens lives, Basketball coach, Guiding leader,Cub Leader,Soccer convenor/coach and a PAC member along with many other places and events when help is needed.

I have set lofty goals in each of my caching years and enjoy the challenges. I have served 1 year on the MBGA board as a memeber at large, and I look forward to helping out another year.

Loida (okeeffek)

I am a Winnipeg geocacher. My husband Kieran and I are team O'KeeffeK. I have a certificate and diploma from the University of Winnipeg, in Public Relations and Management. I am currently an outreach worker for the St. James school division. I look forward to bringing my experience and enthusiasm to the Manitoba Geocaching Association. I thank you for the nomination.

Andrew (SiaFhir)

My name is Andrew, aka SiaFhir. An apparent Matt Damon lookalike. I've been geocaching since September 2008 when I discovered the sport following the purchase of a Garmin Nuvi and wondering what else I can do with it. I got instantly hooked after my first find and have been enjoying every moment since then (even the frustrating ones that lead to a DNF!) I'm a computer software developer working for a consulting company, contracted with the City of Winnipeg, and I'm working on learning Android development on the side. I have proudly served on the MBGA board as the Vice President for the past three years, and I'm willing to continue to serve on the board in the 2014-2015 year. Thank you for your consideration.

Josh (stonagal)

My name is Josh Bernier. I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and have been studying Natural Resource Management in The Pas for the past eight months. While in The Pas I made a concerted effort to place more and better caches to highlight the town’s attractions. This past year I served on the MBGA Board of Directors in the role of Statistician. I was responsible for tracking monthly caching milestones, as well as keeping the board informed as to the number of caches in Manitoba and how many were being published each month. I have been an active geocacher since August 2012 and have grown to love the game and the community over the past couple years.

Sandy (swelbergen)

Teacher, procrastinator, fairweather geocacher. Loves footwear, scarves, and Chapstick, all essential for a successful geocaching jaunt, and has finally bought some awesome yellow wellies! Personally and unabashedly responsible for Skoki and icimondo, both of which are responsible for abating her fear of rain, spiders and tornadoes. Driven to teach school children all about sustainability, GPS, remote sensing, estimating, road safety, problem solving and responsible use of technology (i.e. GEOCACHING), just so she has an excuse to teach out-of-doors and escape from the classroom. "Um, yeah, we're on a field trip..."

Tony (ToonYogi)

My Name is Tony aka Yogi®, I started caching in June 2012 and to date have 1573 Smilies… 1282 of those were found in 2013… I have 27 Hides and 53 FTFs, 20 of those in one day

I am a Graphics guy at a Sign Company and also the Safety coordinator… I come from Whitemouth MB and have been volunteering for many years at the local Community Centre. In my spare time, when I'm not Caching, I'm usually Golfing or building/Repairing computers, Memory eXpress is my second home LOL…

The Board shall consist of five to twelve Board Members.

As per the MBGA Election Policy, if there are insufficient nominees to fill the Board positions, a call for nominees from the floor shall occur at the AGM.
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