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Geocaching is a worldwide adventure sport which utilizes GPS devices to hide and seek hidden containers called geocaches. (Learn more about geocaching) To get started geocaching, all you need is a GPS receiver and a geocache location. (Learn more about getting started) You can find a nearby geocache location at geocaching.com by entering an address or town into the search box.

The Manitoba Geocaching Association (MBGA) strives to advance the sport of geocaching through social activities, public education and promotion of geocaching. (Learn more about the MBGA).

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Presenting... the new MBGA Logo!

Presenting... the new MBGA Logo!

The creation of the new logo was months of back breaking research that took us into the deepest jungles (of tall grass) and climbing the steepest mountains Riding Mountain). We interviewed the cleverest of garden gnomes and spoke with the nicest of Babel Fish.

Welcome to the new board of directors!

As of May 1, 2016 our Board of directors is made up of the following Geocachers.

Mike Neale (glacier_ice)
Sandy Welbergen (swelbergen)
Vonnie Arnold (V A)
Loida O'Keeffe (okeeffek)
Chris Balichowski (=GeoJoe=)
Kristine Fileccia (epatzee)
Ken Reimer (Geocacher Ken)
Nathan Kachur (ShopCrazy)
Jason Kaleta (jabbywockyz)

Leaving the board this year

Tony Silva (Yogi®)
Stacy Bosak (GroovyPinkSocks)
Josh Bernier (Stonagal)

Thank you all for your time and energy serving the Geocachers of Manitoba!

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This coming Sunday (May 1st) is our Annual General Meeting AND Disastrous Dessert Failure! (Which is basically an excuse to eat dessert.) Oh yeah, we're ordering Pizza too! Plus, perhaps, another surprise... that we are currently working on, but not ready to reveal, because then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it? So just get your sweet buns (see what we did there?) to the meeting! (Oh, make sure to log your WILL ATTEND or there will be NO PIZZA FOR YOU!)

Geocaching in the Manitoba News!

Last weekend, some families in Morden got a fun lesson on Geocaching!

Have a read here on the Pembina Valley News website.