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Come and get your MBGA flavoured caching gear, supplies and trinkets. You can purchase the following items at most MBGA events. Make arrangements ahead of time if you are particularly interested in obtaining an item. Some of our items are also available from our online store. We have a Paypal account, so if you are not able to make it out to any of the events, contact us and we can make arrangements to mail items to you. Finally, you can purchase an assortment of items featuring the MBGA logo from the MBGA Cafepress Store.


available online

MBGA 5th Anniversary Geocoin (Silver) $10 (available online)
11-11-11 Multi Event Geocoin 11-11-11 Multi Event Geocoin $10 (Available Online)
Groundspeak Travel Bug $8
2 Pack of Bison Tubes and 2 O-Rings $5
4 Pack #6 Bison Tube O-Rings $1
Soda Bottle Preforms (Clear or Amber) $2 each
Spirit Way Wolf Passports $5

Cafepress Store

There is also a wide range of other MBGA items available directly from the MBGA Cafepress Store.