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MBGA Inaugural Meeting - March 5, 2005

Manitoba Geocaching Anyone

6:00 PM
Chief Cornerstone Church
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Meeting called by: Master Instigator
Type of meeting: Association Kick-off Meeting
Facilitator: Dani Carriere
Note taker: Skaven


  • Welcome - Master Instigator
  • Background - Master Instigator
  • Association Structure - Master Instigator
  • Association Function - Master Instigator
  • Web Site Presentation - Dani Carriere
  • Discussion form the Floor - Open
  • Closing Remarks - Master Instigator
  • Meet and Greet - Open


Master Instigator welcomed all participants to the event. Proceeded to introduce other event organizers, Dani Carriere and Skaven. Master Instigator opened the event by outlining the meeting agenda.


Master Instigator described how this event evolved from a general forum discussion. The overwhelming support for the creation of an association to service the Manitoba geocaching community was evident from the forum discussions and validated by today’s event attendance. Master Instigator described the discussions which have occurred between the event sponsors to bring us to this assembly.

The intent of the association is to support and promote geocaching in Manitoba. Membership in the association is open to all. Membership is free. Master Instigator indicated that the Manitoba association activities do not replace or replicate the services or structure provided by GEOCACHING.COM. However, it was noted that recent changes in GEOCACHE.COM have made certain caching activities and cache types more difficult (e.g. Locationless caches, virtual caches). Master Instigator proposed that the Manitoba association would fill the gap between the service provided by GEOCACHING.COM and the desires of the association membership. Master Instigator also introduced some alternate service providers (e.g Terra)

Association Structure

Master Instigator tabled the topic of the association’s structure. In creating the association the general membership will need to agree on a structure to allow the association to function in such a fashion as to address the needs of its membership. Two models were presented. First, a formal steering committee headed by a president with a limited voting membership. Second, a less formal structure with only a President and mass vote on all issues.

Conclusions: It was generally agreed that some structure was required. The exact form and function to be determined. It was further agreed that until such a structure is determined, issues would be submitted to the whole membership for voting. One vote per member. Voting privileges limited to those who sign up on the web site and are residents of Manitoba. Master Instigator also called upon participants to submit nominations for potential association leadership positions.

Action items: (secretary’s note) A notice calling for position nomination will be posted on the web site.
Person responsible: - Dani
Deadline: - Mar 8. 05

Association Function

The purpose of the association is to provide a broad based platform for all Manitoba residents to discuss and participate in the evolution of the sport. It is intended to serve as a road map to geocaching resources and introduce new people to geocaching. The web site is a first step in meeting these objectives.

Web Site Presentation

Dani provided a real-time demonstration of the web site and its current functionality. Web site should appear on search engines shortly.

http:\\www.mbgeocaching.com or http;\\www.mbgeocaching.ca

Web site will not display personal information not authorized by members. Information is gathered from the membership registration form and the profiles published on GEOCACHING.COM

Logo contest. Submissions will be received up to March 19, 2005. Voting will commence from March 20 through April 2, 2005 inclusive. Submit your entries to Dani via the web site.

Discussion form the Floor

The following items were presented from the floor for consideration (in no particular order):
  • Will the association have a larger agenda of serving the public domain some how (e.g. community involvement, public awareness, support to civil authorities, etc)?
  • The association through its communications to its membership could organize larger events (e.g. geo-rallies, CITO events, Capture the Flag games, etc).
  • The web page should contain a "Kids Korner" section to provide younger members an opportunity to participate (e.g. Colouring book, school projects involving geocaching, etc)
  • Would like to have a "geocacher of the month" feature whereby a survey of standardized questions would allow profiling of members and introduce them to all.
  • Cache planning resources were discussed.

Closing Remarks

Master Instigator thanked everyone for their participation and closed the event with a call for refreshments.

Pictures of the event can be found in our gallery.

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