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MBGA General Meeting - April 1, 2005

Location: N49 53.265 W97 09.623
Meeting called by: Master Instigator
Facilitator: Dani_Carriere
Type of meeting: General Meeting
Note taker: Skaven

Attendees: Master Instigator, Dani_Carriere, Peter (Peter & Gloria), Polarbeardiggers, Skaven


  • Committee Formation - Master Instigator
  • Presentation to Scouts - Master Instigator
  • Logo Poll Update - Dani_Carriere
  • Cacher of the Month Questionnaire - Dani_Carriere
  • Keycon - Dani_Carriere
  • Committee Roles and Responsibilities - Dani_Carriere
  • Committee Mandate - Dani_Carriere
  • Kids Web Page - Dani_Carriere
  • Kids Cacher of the Month - Dani_Carriere
  • Items from the Floor

Committee Formation - Master Instigator

A solicitation of interest for persons willing to serve on the MBGA Executive Committee was made at the first MBGA general meeting held on March 5, 2005. Those persons who expressed an interest were invited to create and assume positions on the Executive Committee. It was decided that it would appropriate to include a position in the Committee to represent the interests of MBGA junior members. The Executive Committee was created and the results listed below.

The roles and responsibilities of the Executive Committee are discussed in a subsequent topic later in the meeting. All inquires from outside agencies should be routed to the President for action or delegation to the appropriate committee member. This action is intended to have the MBGA present a consistent message to all interested stakeholders.


  • The Executive Committee was formed and the following positions created:
    • President - Master Instigator
    • Technical Support - Dani_Carriere
    • Guest Services - Polarbeardiggers
    • Rural Member Representative- Peter
    • Secretary - Skaven
    • Junior Member Representative - Vacant

Action items:

  • Update web page with Executive Committee information - Dani_Carriere
  • Master Instigator to approach Pink Panther to serve as Junior Member Representative by 8 April 05

Presentation to Scouts - Master Instigator

MBGA received a request from a Winnipeg scout troop to provide a presentation on geocaching and how GPSr are used. It was proposed to use this event to allow the scouts to find a cache enabling them to earn one of their merit badges. Event date was tentatively scheduled for April 19, 2005.

Dani_Carriere presented a draft of the presentation material. A discussion ensued to determine presentation content and manner of delivering the material.


  • Executive Committee agreed to support the request from a Winnipeg scout troop to provide a demonstration on geocaching and how GPSr are used. Dani_Carriere will prepare the presentation. Peter, Master Instigator, and Skaven will assist in providing the hands on demonstration. An event pre-meeting to finalize content is scheduled for April 15, 2005.

Action items:

  • Confirm event date and location - Master Instigator
  • Select locations for hiding three caches for the event - Peter by 15 April 05
  • Review presentation material and propose changes - All by 8 April 05
  • Attend event pre-meeting - All by 15 April 05

Logo Poll Update - Dani_Carriere

Dani_Carriere provided a summary on polling to date. Copyright infringement concerns may have to be addressed following close of second round polling. Schedule for polling activities reviewed and confirmed. First round polling closes Midnight April 2, 2005. Second round polling will start April 4, 2005 and close on April 10, 2005. Results of second round poll to be reviewed at next meeting.

Action items:

  • Assemble first round poll results and establish second round poll - Dani_Carriere by 4 April 05

Cacher of the Month Questionnaire - Dani_Carriere

Queen (1Queenand4Jokers) is the first MBGA member to be nominated Cacher of the Month. Each month a new member will be profiled and be asked to complete a standard set of interview questions. The Executive Committee will prepare the list of interview questions which will be used each month. Interview response will be posted on web site.


  • The current Cacher of the Month will select the next Cacher of the Month.

Action items:

  • All Committee members shall submit a list of interview questions they would like to include in the interview questionnaire by 8 April 05
  • Compile list of twenty questions for release to Queen - Dani_Carriere by 15 April 05

Keycon - Dani_Carriere

KeyCon contacted MBGA to determine interest in making a presentation during convention on the May long weekend. The Executive Committee determined that KeyCon may not be the target audience for MBGA at this time. Since the MBGA is still in its infancy support to KeyCon will be limited.

Peter tabled an example of the Information Brochure downloaded from Geocaching U for distribution at KeyCon.


  • An information brochure will be prepared for distribution at KeyCon. Participation in KeyCon will be placed in the PARKING LOT for consideration next year.

Action items:

  • Prepare brochure for distribution at KeyCon - Dani_Carriere by 30 Apr 05

Committee Roles and Responsibilities - Dani_Carriere

Dani_Carriere presented a list of Executive Committee duties, as received from 1Queenand4Jokers, for consideration in establishing the MBGA Executive Committee Mandate. The Executive Committee will need to establish its mandate, roles and responsibilities to ensure that the MGBA is managed effectively and supports its membership.


  • The Executive Committee must establish a set of By-Laws to establish the framework by which MBGA business will be conducted.

Action items:

  • A proposed set of By Laws to be drafted for Executive Committee review - Skaven by 15 April 05

Committee Mandate - Dani_Carriere

The MBGA will require a mandate to ensure that everyone is aware of the MBGA purpose and overall direction. Dani_Carriere tabled suggestions from Queen regarding the Committee Mandate.


  • The Executive Committee unanimously agreed that the MBGA is primarily a social organization and not a rule making body. The rules for geocaching are laid down by Geocaching.com and remain the core values for participating in the sport. To ensure that rural members are adequately represented

Kids Web Page - Dani_Carriere

The Kids web page has been modified to contain some of the submissions made by the MBGA members. It was tabled that the Junior Member Representative should assume responsibility for controlling content of the Kids web page. Moreover, Junior Member Representative shall bring forward the junior member concerns to the Executive Committee for action. Pink Panther's name was put forward as a potential candidate for Junior Member Representative.


  • A position on the Executive Committee will be created to ensure that junior members of the MBGA have a specified contact person to address concerns and submit content for the Kids web page. Modification of the Kids page will be placed in the PARKING LOT for discussion at the next meeting pending the selection of a Junior Member Representative

Action items:

  • Solicit MBGA membership for a Junior Member Representative candidate - Master instigator by 8 Aug 05

Kids Cacher of the Month - Dani_Carriere

It was discussed whether or not to have a separate Cacher of the Month to specifically address the junior members.


  • It is unknown whether there are a sufficient number of junior members to support this feature. The matter has been placed into the PARKING LOT for the Executive Committee Junior Member Representative to action once the position is filled. Junior Members are still eligible for selection to be included in the Cacher of the Month feature.

Action items:

  • Determine feasibility of supporting feature as part of Kids web page - Jr. Mbr. Rep

Items from the Floor

A general discussion was held to discuss potential MBGA sponsored GeoEvents. One suggestion was a CITO Event based on MBGA selection of the "Dirtiest Cache Site" as voted by the MBGA members. Other suggestions included car ralleys, and a GeoHunt.


  • The proponents of the ideas listed above will develop the ideas further for presentation to the general membership. Further suggestions from members should be solicited. Once a few ideas are reasonable developed, they should be raised to the general membership to ensure sufficient commitment and participation. More on these events to follow.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 P.M. Next meeting scheduled for 7:00 P.M. on 15 April 05

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