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MBGA General Meeting - April 15, 2005

Location: N 47 53.265 W 097 09.623
Meeting called by:
Facilitator: Dani_Carriere
Type of meeting: General Meeting
Note taker: Skaven

Master Instigator, Dani_Carriere, Peter (Peter & Gloria), Pink Panther, Skaven, Smokey


Presentation to Scouts - Master Instigator

MBGA received a request from a Winnipeg scout troop to provide a presentation on geocaching and how GPSr are used. Event date was confirmed for April 19, 2005.

Dani_Carriere completed the presentation material. Presentation was reviewed by the Executive Committee and accepted.

Master Instigator has determined cache locations.

Action items:

  • Prepare cache containers and contents - Master Instigator by 15 Apr 05
  • MBGA representatives to bring caching kits and GPSrs - 19 Apr 05

Committee Formation - Master Instigator

The Draft MBGA Bylaws were discussed. Some minor changes were noted.


  • The Executive Committee was formed and the following positions created:
    • President – Master Instigator
    • Vice-President – Dani_Carriere
    • Public Relations Officer (Wpg)– Polarbeardiggers
    • Public Relations Officer (Rural)- Peter
    • Public Relations Officer (Junior members) – Pink Panther
    • Secretary – Skaven

Action Items:

  • Update web page with Executive Committee information and approved Bylaws - Dani_Carriere by 15 May 05

Logo Poll Update - Dani_Carriere

Polling results are posted on the web site.
All three leading choices appear to violate Groundspeak copyright.
Dani_Carriere is in discussion with Groundspeak representatives to determine solution.


  • Logo selection will be deferred until copyright issue is resolved.

Action items:

  • Continue discussions with Groundspeak. Provide follow up of discussion progress - Dani_Carriere by 15 May 05

Cacher of the Month Questionnaire - Dani_Carriere

Questionnaire was reviewed and accepted. Each month a new member will be profiled and be asked to complete a standard set of interview questions.

Action Items:

  • Schedule interview with Queen (1Queenand4Jokers) - Master Instigator by 1 May 05
  • Post interview on web site - dani_carriere by 15 May 05

KeyCon - Dani_Carriere

KeyCon contacted MBGA to determine interest in making a presentation during convention on the May long weekend. The Executive Committee determined that KeyCon may not be the target audience for MBGA at this time. Since the MBGA is still in its infancy support to KeyCon will be limited.


  • MBGA support of KeyCon will be limited to the distribution of brochures by a KeyCon event coordinator.

Action items:

  • Amend brochure to incorporate MBGA information and send to Master Instigator - Skaven by 21 Apr 05
  • Reproduce brochures for distribution - Master Instigator by 30 April 05

Committee Roles and Responsibilities - Skaven

The draft MBGA Bylaws were reviewed and accepted for inclusion in the website. Positions on the Executive Committee were renamed and changes noted for update on the web site.


  • The Executive Committee must establish a set of By-Laws to establish the framework by which MBGA business will be conducted.

Action items:

  • A proposed set of By Laws to be drafted for Executive Committee review - Skaven by 15 April 05

Committee Mandate - Dani_Carriere

The MBGA will require a mandate to ensure that everyone is aware of the MBGA purpose and overall direction. Dani_Carriere tabled suggestions from Queen regarding the Committee Mandate.

Action items:

  • Amend Bylaws to reflect changes discussed - Skaven by 21 April 05
  • Publish Bylaws on the web site - Dani_carriere by 15 May 05

Kids Web Page - Dani_Carriere

The Executive Committee is pleased to welcome Pink Panther in assuming the role of Public Relations Officer. Pink Panther presented a number of new initiatives for inclusion in the Kids web page.


  • Kid's web page renamed Kids Korner
  • Dani-Carriere to assist Pink Panther in updating web page content to reflect new initiatives

Action items:

  • Continue update of web page content - Pink Panther/Dani_Carriere

Items from the Floor

  1. Dani_Carriere noted that MBGA has started appearing as a link on other association web sites.
  2. Master Instigator raised discussion regarding the merits of having an account on Groundspeak. This account would allow all Manitoba Geocachers obtain information about upcoming events. This would also reach non-MBGA cachers and potentially solicit new membership.
  3. A discussion was held to determine the length of time forum posting will remain open before archiving.
  4. Peter identified subject caches where existing caches qualify for inclusion of suffix letters.
  5. It was noted that many caches located along existing watersheds are potentially hazardous during spring melt run off. Cold water temperatures, fast running water, and unpredictable water levels making caching along waterways potentially hazardous.


  1. It was agreed that contact with other geocaching associations should be fostered. (Secretary’s Note: Pink Panther has provided a list of links to other geocaching associations)
  2. Master Instigator to create and maintain the account
  3. Postings on the Forums page will be archived after six months of inactivity
  4. It was agreed that a seasonal safety notice would be posted on the web site to promote safe caching and request cache owners diligently report hazards

Action items:

  • Skaven to initiate contact with other geocaching associations. (Secretary’s Note: This activity should be redirected to the Public Relation Officers to ensure a unified strategy is employed) by 15 May 05
  • Create and maintain a Groundspeak Event Account - Master Instigator
  • Contact owners of caches and request name change to include suffix for TCDNMB or YHRMB as appropriate - Peter
  • Include safety message on web page - Dani_Carriere by 15 Nov 05

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 P.M. Next meeting scheduled for 7:00 P.M. on 15 May 05

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