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July 2013 Summer Hiding Contest

Welcome to the July (and now August and September) hiding challenge! July of 2013 is dedicated to the kids. Yes, Geocaching as a whole is all about the kid inside of us all, this challenge is all about the little ones. As Geocaching has grown, the number of families with kids have discovered how much fun it is has grown. This year's Geoventure theme is 'The Games People Play.' The theme of this year's hiding challenge is an extension of that. Hide and Seek, hide/find the thimble/treasure, geocaching... games that kids play.

Okay, I think you have the point. The question is, how kid friendly can you make YOUR cache hide? Will it be full of adventure? Will it be full of treasures and tradeables? Will it be cute and cuddly? Slimy and gross? You decide! Better yet, let the kid inside you decide. How you decide your cache is to be kid friendly is up to you. However, a cache 30 feet up a treet does not make for a great kid friendly hide, unless your kid is a monkey. (Which would make someone a monkey's uncle.)

Rules... (Yes, every game must have some rules.)

Rule #1: The cache must be kid friendly.
Rule #2: See rule #1
Rule #3: Your cache name must have the word 'kids' in it. (This helps us with the judging.)
Rule #4: Your cache entry (and GC code) must be entered on the forums at this link, http://www.mbgeocaching.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2022 (Again, this helps with the judging.)
Rule #5: Caches must be hidden in July, August or September.

Judging: A team of trained monkeys will collect all of the bananas at the end of July... wait, those monkeys might eat those bananas... scratch that. The team of 1000 trained monkeys will be each be given an laptop to record their thoughts about the entries. We will either end up with the world's greatest novel, or results gleaned from comments, favourite points and how many Lego wheels are spotted rolling down the Trans-Canada highway.

So put your thinking beanies on, connect with your inner child and have some fun!

Winners will be revealed at the Halloween event yet to be booked!
(Because of the extension to this game, judging will be in two parts and two winners declared. Part 1 - all hides from July. Part 2 - all hides from August and September.)