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Cacher of the Month - June 2013




Seems to me, someone wrote a song once about our Cacher of the Month ... I believe the chorus went something like this: (to the tune of Aqua's Barbie Girl)

She’s a Tuppergurl, in the caching world
Cache is plastic? It's fantastic!
We can go caching there, caching everywhere
Imagination, it’s our recreation ..

Congratulations to June's MBGA Cacher of the Month, Tuppergurl. She's been an active cacher for many years, often teaming up with crackerjackie to place some ingenious hides and to host some awesome pirate events. Always busy with her work and her hobbies, she's always full of energy and often lights up a room when she enters. She served on the MBGA Executive for several years and attends many events, sometimes in costume. This past year, she and crackerjackie came to a Hallowe'en event dressed as bison tubes!! (True story). Read on to learn more about the MBGA's Cacher of the Month for June 2013.

  1. When did you start Geocaching?
  2. September 1, 2009 - GC1REB8 - Corner Gas (by Trove Chasers) which, oddly enough, since December, is pretty much at the end of my street.

  3. How did you find out about Geocaching?
  4. crackerjackie ran into my office one day (we used to work together) and told me all about this cool thing she discovered while listening to OHMIC speak on the radio. She said "You are going to love this!" …and I do.

  5. What was it about geocaching that got you hooked into the game?
  6. It is so awesome that caches are hidden all over the world and people walk by them every day without even knowing that they are there. I just think it's the neatest!

  7. Have you cached in any other provinces, countries?
  8. I have cached in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia. I have also found caches in North Dakota, Nevada, Arizona, New York, Massachusetts and Hawaii.

  9. Have you ever introduced someone to geocaching? If so, who?
  10. Many many people. Everytime crackerjackie and I went to a conference for work, we would bring a group to find a cache. It's so much fun to see someone find their first one!

  11. How do you describe the sport of Geocaching to your family and friends who haven't tried it yet?
  12. Looking for hidden treasures with a GPS. They all think I'm nuts. Maybe I am…

  13. What are other interests or hobbies that you have (please go into detail / accomplishments)?
  14. I play roller derby under the name Missile Behaved in the Winnipeg Roller Derby League. I currently play for the Valkyries' Wrath in the summer and the WRDL All Stars in the Travel Season (winter).

    I also play in a pool league (billiards), Aactive League Cash 2 on a team called 8-Balls and 2 Racks.

    I also volunteer for the Folk Fest and Comedy Fest and frequent Fringe, Jazz and Beer Fests. I like Fests.

  15. What are some things you don't like about geocaching? What are your pet peeves?
  16. Sometimes it is troublesome to cache in a skirt and high heels. I seem to manage anyway.

  17. What is the most interesting/unusual place that geocaching has taken you?
  18. I am not sure of a specific place; however, I love geocaching for all the neat places it takes me. The Corner Gas set (GC28HGW - Corner Cache by Nezgar & Vana) was one of my favorites. We played a fun pratical joke on crackerjackie there. Tee hee!

  19. What is the most memorable cache that you have found (or tried to find?)?
  20. The now archived GCTNBJ - Electrical Museum (Scrabble-D) by TurdleEggs was one of my favorites. crackerjackie and I had so much fun dancing to the music and light show (this happens during Christmas Time). We even posted some video on the facebook. There is another active cache nearby. You should check it out in early December.

  21. What, currently, is your favourite, unarchived Manitoba geocache?
  22. GC33QQK - Captain Rackam's Tradehouse by ertyu

  23. What is your favorite Caching Story?
  24. While at a Winnipeg Roller Derby fundraiser at Lovey's BBQ in Winnipeg, MB, Mister Smithers, CaptainConquest, netleyhunter and I discussed dropping our commitments for the next day and driving out to Saskatchewan to beat crackerjackie and crew to GC28HGW - Corner Cache. Being a responsible person (and having far too many commitments the next day to skip out on), I decided that I could not pull this off; however, I do have some photoshop skills. Operation Funny Pants was born.

    I stayed up far too late that night editing Brent Butt and I into a picture of the set (see photo here). I then sent the picture to a store close to CaptainConquest's work so that she could pick it up the next day. I then showed the picture to all of my (and crackerjackie's) staff (she had not left for vacation yet) and hoped that everyone could keep a secret.

    At 3:23 pm on March 23rd, 2012, I received a text message from netleyhunter. It said "The Dog is in the River. :)"

    I was able to show great restraint and not say a word about the joke all weekend (Mister Smithers was a big help with that). Then on Monday, March 26th at 2:14 pm, I received a text message from crackerjackie that said "What are you doing in Dog River!!!!". Bwahahahaha! Hooray Operation Funny Pants! Success!

  25. What is your most interesting item found in a cache?
  26. I can't think of anything in particular. Another of my favorite things about geocaching is finding all the tradeables in caches. crackerjackie and I did find one once that someone had peed in. Gross!

  27. What items if any do you carry with you when you go on a hunt?
  28. I rarely take my GPS anymore. My iPhone, a friend, and my Geocaching bag: a flashlight, pen, tweezers, magnet, mirror, Mr. Reachy, replacements logs, baggies, and mini Tupperware.

  29. What kind of GPSr do you use?
  30. My iPhone and Garmin Oregon 200

  31. What methods do you use to avoid muggle detection?
  32. Crackerjackie and I often cache in costume for photo ops. I am not terribly ninja-like. The photo ops are one of my favorite things about geocaching.

  33. What is the meaning of your username?
  34. I used to sell Tupperware and had access to these lovely mini Tupperware magnets and keychains that I leave in caches. I sometimes renew my membership just to get more mini Tupperware; however, if you need anything - I can always get it for you.

  35. What was the most memorable travel bug that you have found?
  36. I am currently carting around TB57QJK - Peg Leg Poultry that belongs to the lovely Peg_Pirate. Captain Swashclucker and I most recently went to Folk Fest together and hung out with the Turdles and missionMode. Peg Leg will be hanging out with me until crackerjackie and I host our Cache Like a Pirate Event in September.

  37. Which geocachers do you respect or standout to you the most?
  38. So many, I can't even bear to list them in fear of forgetting someone. I love you all!

  39. With whom do you normally go geocaching?
  40. Crackerjackie is my most caches with partner. I never cache alone, so I have cached with lots of my friends. I used to cache a lot with ertyu, TurdleEggs, and its always fun to go out with a group after an MBGA event.

  41. If you could cache anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?
  42. I am not picky. I am game for almost anywhere! Until recently I had not travelled much except for work. In the last year, I have travelled more than I have my whole life.

  43. Is there a challenging local cache you have in your sights right now? Which one?
  44. I have been so busy this summer, that my time for researching caches has been few and far between. I usually just end up tagging along with whomever is heading out when I have time to cache. That being said, GCZ1PK - PGP (Pretty Good Puzzle) Cache has plagued me for a long time. I really have to sit down and solve that one.

  45. Of your placed caches, which is your favorite? Why?
  46. GC3XRD2 - Captain Hook's Missing Hand - It's fun to read the logs. Go find it. You'll see.

  47. What kind of books do you prefer to read? What was the last book you read?
  48. Currently reading Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire): A Clash of Kings. I don't really have a genre preference. I like good books. Bwahahaha!

  49. Can you play a musical instrument?
  50. I can passibly play guitar. I used to play French Horn in school. I am interested in learning how to play fiddle; howewver, my free time is at a premium these days.

  51. How far from your house is the nearest unfound cache?
  52. 150 M

  53. Besides your GPSr, what other tools (electronic or otherwise), or software do you make use of?
  54. I have good intentions of using GSAK (I have in the past) and other iPhone Apps; however, lately to be quite honest, all I use is my iPhone and the $9.99 Geocaching.com App. I never cache alone, so there is always someone with a GPS with me.

  55. Do you use your GPSr for other reasons other than Geocaching?
  56. It is always helpful to log your car when you park. I wish I did that more often. The first time I went to Folk Fest, I marked a waypoint for my tent. That campsite changes by the hour. So funny.

  57. What is in your iPod/CD player right now?
  58. I am listening to a mix of alternative summer tunes compiled by the talented Mister Smithers. We listen to the radio station 1077 The End (Seattle) quite a lot these days.

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