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Cacher of the Month - November 2013




I met JB shortly after he started caching when he went by JBrandt36. At first, he only came to the occasional event, but now he's coming more frequently. Perhaps it's because he loves to talk caching with others, or perhaps it could be to help him with his challenge caches, maybe it's both. I didn't get to know him until we were part of a group who went to Churchill this summer. I found him to be upbeat and gregarious, which made for a fun trip.

As most of you know, I'm a bit of a stats freak. And I always find it interesting when I see someone's numbers in their GC profile. I've been at this game for almost 12 years now, and I'm a few shy of 4,000 cache finds. Then I see statistics like JB.'s, and it blows me away. He is, currently, the top Manitoba Finder, sitting at 18,328 finds. I'll wait a second for that to sink in. ... ... 18 thousand 3 hundred and twenty eight finds. He started just over 5 years ago, so what that boils down to, on average, is 9 cache finds a day since he started caching!! On his best caching day, he found 933 caches! That's 933 in one 24 hour period. One cache every minute and a half ... assuming he didn't sleep that day. I don't think I've ever achieved that number in a year, let alone in 1 day. Maybe we should get him to bottle his energy, he'd make millions!

Congratulations to JB. for being the MBGA Geocacher of the Month for November!

  1. When did you start Geocaching?
  2. Signed up Apr.25/08 and found my first cache the next day.

  3. How did you find out about Geocaching?
  4. Local community paper - The Lance

  5. What was it about geocaching that got you hooked into the game?
  6. The thrill of the hunt and all the interesting places it takes me.

  7. Have you cached in any other provinces, countries?
  8. Yes, 5 other provinces, 1 territory and 28 US states. I have a long term goal of finding a cache in every province and territory and all the US states.

  9. Have you ever introduced someone to geocaching? If so, who?
  10. Everyone I run into. That includes family, friends, co-workers, aunty's and uncles, cousins, border guards, border patrols, neighbors, fedex guy and of course muggles. Sometimes you just have to explain what you are doing to them.

  11. How do you describe the sport of Geocaching to your family and friends who haven't tried it yet?
  12. I describe it as a high tech treasure hunt that gets you out and about and takes you to all sorts of interesting locations

  13. What are other interests or hobbies that you have (please go into detail / accomplishments)?
  14. In the summer I frequently travel down to the states to watch dirt track racing. We used to have a family cabin that we recently sold but I still enjoy spending time at the lake at my uncle's cabin in Lake of the Woods

  15. What are some things you don't like about geocaching? What are your pet peeves?
  16. When caches aren't maintained. Pet peeves are when caches aren't replaced as found and when the winter friendly attribute isn't used correctly.

  17. What is the most interesting/unusual place that geocaching has taken you?
  18. So many locations to choose from, but waterfalls in Maui really stand out.

  19. What is the most memorable cache that you have found (or tried to find?)?
  20. Na'ili'ili-haele WaterFalls Cache

  21. What, currently, is your favourite, unarchived Manitoba geocache?
  22. Water World in Dauphin. Read my log, it says it all.

  23. What is your favorite Caching Story?
  24. So many to choose from. Many involve rental cars and taking them where we have no business driving except if we had a quad or 4x4. I won't be able to rent again if the wrong person reads the details so I'm going to go with this cache - Get to the point!. Read my log for the full details.

  25. What is your most interesting item found in a cache?
  26. Nothing stands out.

  27. What items if any do you carry with you when you go on a hunt?
  28. I travel pretty light. I carry a set of tweezers, a purple pen and spare log sheets. Back in the trunk of the car though, I carry many TOTT's, cache containers and supplies.

  29. What kind of GPSr do you use?
  30. Delorme PN-60W

  31. What methods do you use to avoid muggle detection?
  32. Talking on my cell phone and crouching down to tie my shoe laces

  33. What is the meaning of your username?
  34. First and last name initials - It used to be Jbrandt36 but everyone started calling me JB so I made the official change.

  35. What was the most memorable travel bug that you have found?
  36. Nothing stands out.

  37. Which geocachers do you respect or standout to you the most?
  38. Again, so many to choose from. Going to go with ruylopez, Jean Déniche, Trove Chasers, OHMIC and Trycacheus

  39. With whom do you normally go geocaching?
  40. ruylopez and Jean Déniche

  41. If you could cache anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?
  42. Europe

  43. Is there a challenging local cache you have in your sights right now? Which one?
  44. Typically 5 Great hides. It's a goal of mine to start hiding a greater variety of caches.

  45. Of your placed caches, which is your favorite? Why?
  46. Valour Tri-West. It's close to home, has the most favorite points of any of my hides and is very easy for me to check up on.

  47. What kind of books do you prefer to read? What was the last book you read?
  48. I mostly read on airplanes. I like action/adventure type of stories.

  49. Can you play a musical instrument?
  50. Yup, the accordion - ( mom made me take lessons)

  51. How far from your house is the nearest unfound cache?
  52. At the time of writing this, my nearest traditional was 91.7 km away in Pinawa and nearest mystery is 4.5 km from home.

  53. Besides your GPSr, what other tools (electronic or otherwise), or software do you make use of?
  54. A Garmin Nuvi, my Black Berry and GSAK

  55. Do you use your GPSr for other reasons other than Geocaching?
  56. Yes, for navigating around Lake of the Woods in a boat. In the winter I tried to use my Nuvi on the ice roads but it got so confused I had to shut it off.

  57. What is in your iPod/CD player right now?
  58. a variety of light rock and pop.

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