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Summer 2014 Hiding Contest

The Summer of 2014 will feature a hiding challenge known as ‘Preform Madness’.

What is a preform, you ask? It is a small plastic cylindrical container (see picture) that exists in a form before it is heated and expanded into a 2L soda pop container. The hard plastic is virtually indestructible and with the bottle cap in place, the log book will stay completely dry.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to hide a preform! The challenge rules are as follows. (All entries will receive a ballot to a draw at the close of summer when we will draw for prizes.)

1) Your preform must be hidden somewhere in Manitoba during summer only. That is Saturday, June 21 until Tuesday, September 23. (Summer Solstice to Autumnal Equinox)
2) When published, the geocache name must contain the word 'Preform'. This is how we will track all entries in the contest. (e.g. "Preform My Base" or “All my Preform are belong to us”)
3) Creativity counts! The more creative your hide is, the more positive attention it will get.
4) A power trail of preforms will only count as one entry.
5) Have fun!

The MBGA will maintain a bookmark list of challenge hides. The link to the list will be posted in the Events/Contests discussion forum.