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Unsolved Mysteries IV: Don't Fear the Unknown!! - Winnipeg

Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 11:00am
Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 2:00pm

GC547E7 - dani_carriere

Based on the popular television series of the 1990s, this event will make us all into daring detectives, stealthy sleuths and ingenious impresarios! Over the last couple of years, this event has been quite popular, so we're bringing it back for another round!

Winnipeg has a wealth of Mystery (or Unknown) geocaches. Many people are intimidated by this type of cache so, we're going to buddy up and try and tackle them.

The overall event will run from 11:00AM to 2:00PM and will be broken down into 3 parts:

Part 1: Puzzle Solving 101 11:00AM to 12:00PM
•This is meant for those of you who are unsure of your puzzle solving ability, or even unsure where to start when solving them. Dani will give a 1 hour (ish) tutorial to help you get past any puzzle anxiety you may have. If you are already comfortable in solving puzzles, you can skip this hour. We won't be solving any puzzles until Part 2.

Part 2: Puzzle Solving Workshop 12:00PM to 2:00PM
•This is the "meat and potatoes" of the event where everyone comes with their thinking caps on. We'll break up into small groups to work on puzzles from the list of caches requested to be solved. (see below).
Note for latecomers: Please do not come any later than 1:30PM. It's only fair to those who have diligently worked on solving puzzles to reap the benefits. Anyone arriving after 1:30 PM can log an "attended", but will not be given puzzle solutions.

Part 3: Puzzle Hunting! 2:00PM to whenever you want to stop
•What's the fun in solving puzzles if you're not going to go and find them! After we've gotten some solutions under our belts, lets go find them! You can either do this on your own, or join other groups to go on a hunt (or two).
What is being supplied:

•This year, we are getting a private room so we can be as noisy as we like!
•We'll have chairs, tables, wi-fi, and maybe some flipcharts and white boards.

What to Bring:
•Laptops, tablets, smart phones, GPS devices, beverages, snacks, paper, pens, anything you think you'll need to get you through the session (no alcohol, please!)
•A small donation of $5(ish) dollars to help offset the cost of booking the room. If you want to donate more that's great. Any money collected above the cost of the room will be used for next year's event.

Where are we going to be?
•We have a new location this year! The Millenium Library is booked during the time we wanted to do this, so we are moving to the Louis Riel Library at 1168 Dakota St in South St. Vital. It has excellent (and free) parking and is on a bus route.

What puzzles are we going to solve?
•Please let us know before the event which caches you are interested in investigating. We would like to post them here and give cache owners the opportunity to request that their caches NOT be solved during this event, should they so wish. If you would prefer that your caches not be discussed, please let Dani know through her profile! Feel free to come for only part of the day if you'd like, but please do not show up only for the cache finding portion. You will be politely asked not to come with us to find the solved puzzles.

When you arrive, make sure you come and find dani_carriere to sign the log book. Any attendees who worked on any of the puzzle solutions will receive an email of all solved puzzles.

If anyone has any suggestions to make this event even more enjoyable, let us know!

Hope to see you all on September 20th!