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Cell Phone Apps for Manual Coordinate Entry

Sometimes we host events that allow Geocachers to solve puzzles and find Geocaches before they are published online. While we recommend having a dedicated handheld GPS unit to manually enter coordinates, we recognize that not everyone has purchased a GPS unit yet and need options for their cellular device. Here are a few options for those users.

Google Maps: This can work okay if the cell signal holds strong.

Android users: Try "C:Geo" at http://www.cgeo.org (The Google play store link is there.)

Blackberry 10 users: Can also use "C:Geo" at http://www.cgeo.org Click on the Download 'APK' link. The .apk file can be installed directly in the BB10 OS.

iOS users: Try "FreeGps", "Cachly" or "iArrow" for manual coordinate entry.


Have another favourite app that does manual coordinate entry? Please let us know and we'll add it to the list!