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MBGA MidWinter Bash

We have two events planned for February 12th!


MBGA MidWinter Bash Wolf Hunt

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Date: Sunday, February 12
Location: 198 Kings Dr, Kings (Landing) Park (In the main parking lot.)
Hunt Launch Time: 12:30pm-1pm

Event Wrap at the Midwinter Bash Supper with the Wildlings in Wildwood.

House Lannister has ordered a Wolf Hunt. Cersei demands the pelts of the Wolves be delivered to her at the great feast. Gather a hunting party to compete against other to see who can impress the Queen who sits on the Iron Throne. Is your steed agile enough to complete the mission? Do the members of your hunting party have the skills to propel you to victory? What banner will you serve?

Come join the hunt and watch for Dragons.


The launch event is only 30 minutes, time enough to give instructions and then catch anyone who stumbled in late.

What you’ll need

A vehicle.

A camera. Preferably a camera that is not a cell phone and uses an SD card as we will be transferring images to a computer at the wrap up to create a slide show. The SD card transfer is much quicker than email from the phone. (Though we should be able to hook up some non iPhone phones.)

A GPS or an app on your phone with the ability to create and navigate to waypoints.

A sense of adventure.


MBGA Midwinter Bash 2017

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Date: Sunday, February 12
Time: 5pm-8pm
Location: Wildwood Community Centre, 271 North Dr
Hall rental cost: $20/hour = $60

You may have noticed we didn't do the traditional holiday event this year. We thought, that after 10 year of doing a Holiday event, it was time to try a change. Come join us for a Midwinter Bash! Winter is long enough, so we thought we’d split it up with a bit of fun. (Okay, technically, Midwinter is about 10 days before this, but the groundhogs have the corner on that party and there’s something called a Superbowl on the Sunday the 5th.)


5:00-5:30 Setup
5:30-6:15 Pizza Served
6:15 – 7:00 (approx)
- Slideshow of photos from the Wolf Hunt
- Draws
7:00 – 8:00 Mingle, skating, Indoor games. cleanup (X-Country Skiing is available)

The Food:

We will be ordering Pizza again this year. Here is the cost to you.

You get 2 slices of pizza, 1 drink and 1 cookie.

Extra food is subject to availability. We’ll cover the primary orders first.
$2.00 for each extra slice of pizza
$1.00 for each extra drink
$1.00 for each extra cookie

(Pizza choices will be Cheese, Hawaiian and Canadian)

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