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Canada Day Breakfast event!

Happy Canada Day! (It's Canada Day in Newfoundland.)

Three things to note for attendees of the breakfast event.

1) We have an overwhelming response to this event. 50+ have posted a will attend!
(A great problem to have!) We know that some people will be coming near the start of the event and leaving early, some arriving later. In talking with Salisbury House, the room we have can hold 40. Anyone beyond that capacity will need to be seated elsewhere in the restaurant. (No worries, you can still sign the Party Animal!)

2) We will be launching a coin race in celebration of Canada's 150th birthday! VA will have the race rules for us tomorrow, but here are the basics.
- Prize $150 (caveat, we need to hit 30 entries to make the prize, else it will be reduced.)
- Cost to join the race $10. This gets you a $5.00 coin and $5.00 goes into the pot.
- (The coins are the MBGA 10th anniversary coin)
- No, you may not purchase just a coin for $5.00 and not join the race, these coins were set aside for the race.
- Race begins July 1 and ends December 31.

3) There will be some other merchandise available tomorrow. We did see one request for a travel bug.