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Cachefest 2017: The Amazing Race Dauphin


When: Saturday, September 23, 2017
Time: 9 am to 10am
Where: CN Railway Station/Park, Dauphin, MB

Cachefest 2017: The Amazing Race Dauphin
The Amazing Race is coming to Dauphin, geocaching style! Circle your calendars for Sept 22-24 weekend. Get your team together and race around Dauphin and the Parkland doing challenges, finding brand new high quality caches, visiting scenic areas, gathering points and smilies along the way. This adventure will include all the blind spots, tailgating, parallel parking, turbochargers and checkered flags you can handle. You don't want to miss out on this year's CACHEFEST!


Registration is FREE and everyone is welcome! If you plan on taking part in the event please register EARLY! This kind of event takes a lot of planning. All you need to do to register is log a "Will Attend" on this event page. The sooner we know who is coming the easier it is for planning and logistics. The event can be done individually, in pairs, as families or cacher's teaming up. When logging your "Will Attend" please specify how many people will be on your team. If you are teaming up with other cacher's please specify that in your log and come up with a "Team Name". Your team has to all fit in ONE vehicle. Each caching name needs to log a "Will Attend".


The race will take place over 2 days (Sept 23 and 24). The starting point for the race will be at the posted coordinates to this event. After a rundown on how the event will work, introductions and questions the race will start at 9:30am when teams will be given their first clue. There will be several published events used for the challenges/activities over the 2 days. These events will only be available during set times and to those that have registered for the race. You will find out those times as the race goes on and you collect clues. Keep an eye on this event listing for updated details.


- A variety of brand new high quality caches placed throughout the Dauphin and Parkland area.

- Meet and Greet bonfire event on the evening of Friday, Sept 22.

- Checkered Flag #1 will be a Saturday evening BBQ in a little place we call "Paradise"

- Checkered Flag #2/Finish Line will be a Sunday afternoon Taco in a Bag lunch at Vermillion Park

- Several other published events that will be used for the challenges/activities

- Expect to have FUN! ....and prizes, there will be prizes!


Looking for a place to stay?
Camping is available at the beautiful Vermillion Park Campground. Booking info is HERE
Hotels, Motels and B&B info is HERE


If you have any questions at all about the event don't hesitate to ask us! Send us a message thru geocaching.com or email us at jabbywockyz@gmail.com

Don't miss out on an unforgettable experience at Manitoba's Geocaching Playground!

Will you be the next winner of The Amazing Race?