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A Point to Ponder - Apreciating our hiders

In this series I am hoping to stimulate thought and discussion about geocaching topics that make me curious.

There are a group of cachers that without whom we would have no game to play. Those within our ranks that take their time, and money to place and maintain all those containers we so enjoy finding. What do they do it for?

Do they do it for the glory? The fame?

I don't think so. I think they do it for a smile, you know the smile we all get when after reaching ground zero we look and discover the container, that smile that reflects the true root of why we cache. That satisfaction expressed by our inner child that git to find something that the average person has walked by without ever knowing is there.

They know the find, brings them that joy and they want to share that same feeling that they get with you.

As a hider it is easy to discount a simple log as someone who didn't appreciate what you put into your hide. But maybe the person is not capable of writing a more complex log. Or maybe the joy of this game only leaves them wanting more.

It works both ways. The size of the log only indicates half the story. They picked your cache of thousands. They went for your cache, maybe sharing the hunt with family. They have told everyone that your hide was the best they have found, today, this week, this month or maybe ever. You have brought them somewhere special, shown them someplace they have never been. They wrote "Found it" or "TFTC" but you brought them joy.

Or they wrote a novel and gave a Favorite Point, those are a good feeling. But the more I think of it, giving the feeling that I get when I spot the container. That makes it worth while, everything else is just a bonus, confirming that happiness.

Just my opinion. But definitely a point that I like pondering.