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A Point to ponder – The Makings of a great cache

In this series I am hoping to stimulate thought and discussion about geocaching topics that make me curious.

What makes a truly great cache, I am sure this question will bring much different answers from different cachers and well of course a very different answer from those of outside our community. The answer I give might even vary by the day that I give the answer.

The broken film canister filled with a soggy piece of what used to be paper, tossed haphazardly at the base of a spruce tree in the middle of the forest does up the numbers and give those of us looking to fill a craving or statistic slot the fix that we need, but does this constitute a great find?

I have a couple of short find stories that that pop into my mind when thinking of a great cache.

1) The mystery cache that after making me work for hours puzzling my way through an respectable logic puzzle. Then drove down a road that my van should never have gone down to arrive at an unbelievable view with an very respectable obsticical standing between me and the container. A not so easy climb down, a river crossing with my young son and a climb back up the other side. The container might not have been amazing but the log was dry and the memory of this cache is something that I will have with me for years to come.

2) A long time unfound cache that made for a day trip into somewhat northern Manitoba. Crossing a hydro dam and seeing the now filled quarry created while building the dam, and seeing some of the bluest water that I have ever seen. A bush bash in a direct path to the cache though there was likely a trail that would lead to the cache and finally coming on one of the neatest water falls (the water was as brown as coke) at GZ. Again the memory of this find makes me smile to this day.

3) A great little adventure in a park in Winnipeg that lead me to an interesting puzzle involving metal cutouts and a locked bird house. The lengths that some hiders will go to make our experience memorable always puts me in awe.

These stories only just scrape the surface of the hundreds of memorable finds that this game has taken me to. Please feel free to put fingers to keyboard to tell us about a find that makes you ponder about the Makings of a great Cache.