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Cache of the Month - July 2010

The Frozen Pirate’s Treasure

Here be a photo 'o a Devil sea monster that was guardin' me Treasure

So me Treasure has be named Treasure 'o th' month, what an interestin' honour. Interestin' in that 'tis chest was one that I had found in me garage 'n was 'bout to throw it out. But we had a great raid on a merchanct ship 'n our haul was more than our holds could carry. So 'tis chest was painted wit' our symbol, filled wit' th' Treasure 'n hidden in a deeply wooded spot in th' far North.

Here be a photo 'o a Devil sea monster that was guardin' me Treasure.

But, a scurvy pirate dont want his treasure to be found by thieves, so 'tis tricky to speak 'bout 'tis one. I have hidden it quite well, so I be confident that th' thieves 'n muggles gunna not be able to find it. However, i reckon perhaps that th' tale 'o 'tis treasure be best told by them who have sought it out.

August 27, 2009 by TheJollyRogers

Arrrrrr, we was so busy countin our pieces of eight that we almost forgot to log this one. What be the odds that our land ship ran aground in Lark Bay so close to the loot of a fellow buccaneer. Although it was against our nature, we took nothing. Signed the larrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggg. A hearty thanks to the hider.

November 14, 2009 by The_Adventure_Kids

Aarrhhhhhhhh!!!! Shiver' me timbers, t'was a cold one tonite! The ghost of Burrrrr t'was in th' hair fur sure. Could see our life, turned to fog, every breath. Barely opened th' lock with me frozen fingers. Aarrhhh, t' be back in th' carribean. TNLN TFTTChest

August 13, 2009 by Peter and Gloria

After plunderin' caches in th' interlake, this afternoon, I expected t' come homeport t' some cool grogs, supper an' a relaxin' evenin'.
After loggin' me finds, I notice that Captain Ice has made th' mistake o' tryin' t' hide his booty too close t' our homeport. 't ortin' ta be a quick trip o'er t' Bird`s Hill Park, but wi' th' highway construction on 59, our normal way into th' park be closed this evenin'. A slight detour an' 't wasn`t long before I found th' `wee` X that Captain Ice has spent voyages preparin'. Now jus' some pace countin'. 't wasn`t long before I found th' booty an' th' key t' open 't.
FTF at th' end o' th' second dog watch.
I be really a sprog at heart, so I ortin' ta be havin' taken th' good swashbucklin` movie but I jus' tookst th' old geezer`s FTF certificate an' a wee dubloon coins. Retrieved Deathsnake`s Winnipeg Tour Geocoin.
Thanks fer th' hunt.
--The Frozen Pirate

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