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Cache of the Month – August 2010

Elk Island Splash

Elk Island Splash

Elk Island Provincial Park was simply a vague rumour to me until 2006. That summer I met a life long resident of Victoria Beach while holidaying there for a few days. Our conversation about the Island piqued my curiousity. I soon checked it out using Google Earth which has very good resolution in the area. That revealed a mile long beach on the Island’s western shore. I was hooked and decided I had to visit it. After a couple of exploratory hikes I realized what a beautiful and elusive piece of nature it is; and not a geocache in sight! With the incentive of the 2007 MBGA “Splash” cache hiding event and inspiration from my favourite wilderness cache “Mantario Majestic”, I decided to design a challenging multi cache that would give geocachers the opportunity to explore the Island.

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