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Cache of the Month – June 2011

Cacheaholic Anonymous - Hwy 75 Northbound

Cacheaholic Anonymous was designed in Photoshop by the Queen and built by Joker 1. It was based originally on an image we saw of Peter of Peter and Gloria. They were a pair of cachers who we met early in the game whom we have a lot of respect for both as finders and hiders. We thought this would be a fun way for kids to pose for pictures since many of our hides we preferred not to have photographed as spoilers. We have gotten a kick out of folks finding the obvious and not the actual cache itself. We enjoyed placing it near the highway with a set up so cachers could stop and find 3 from the same location. This is the type of caching we enjoy while travelling. We had never seen this type of design for an actual cache but posed at some of these in the Maritimes at theme parks etc. for family pictures during our first major caching expedition.
We have been surprised that flood waters have never touched this cache so obviously it is on an interesting ridge of land.


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