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Cache of the Month – September 2011



HUH? was a cache imagined from the one time the Queen posted wrong co-ords for a cache named Hungry? BLITZ. 3 cachers ended up in the middle of a barren field with only stubble and no real place to search and took a picture of themselves in bewilderment - I think Lizardo, ertyu and Turdleggs if I recall correctly. I turned to my husband Joker 1 and said, "what if?" Then we went caching in Edmonton and stumbled on the ideal answer to our question with a cache hidden by Viajero Perdido - known as VP. We asked permission to blatantly imitate his clever idea and he gave his blessing!
This cache has been fun and terrible for us. In the first several years the cache container did well and obviously cachers were quite careful about rehiding properly and adding some natural camo. The last two years have not gone as well. The cache has never gone missing but it has gotten into rough shape a few times. People have tried cheating by adding coins and metal detector worthy implants which we always remove. We have tried to be quick to fix but since it is 30 miles from our home it takes a special trip in to the city to get it done. We have had a replacement container ready to go from the beginning. We could make it tougher or actually impossible by putting it in the middle of a forest but that of course was NEVER the point. We truly like people to make a find and feel like geniuses. Plain sight hiding is the kind we enjoy the most and we hope others do too.
We enjoy the first finder, MHZ, much because she tries to go back and find it again every year! ertyu does this on occasion as well and both have been so kind as to add camo, logsheets to help out. It is a great park, with some excellent hides. Come out and play...

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