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October Hiding Contest

Hello Manitoba!

This is a quick announcement to inform you that October (and November) will be the Month of Ammo Can Hides! Otherwise known as M.A.C.H. 1

Rule #1: The hide must be an Ammo Can. Rule #2: If the cache container is bigger than an Ammo Can, we may be awarding extra points. (Just put the ammo can on the inside!) Rule #3: The hide may NOT be a micro Ammo Can. Save those for the next return of MOE. Rule #4: each Ammo Can hide that a Geocacher wants to include in the contest must include "MACH" in the name somehow. Rule #5: This contest will cover both October and November. November 30th is the last day for cache placements.

Just like last year, the scoring will include some odd combinations of favourite points, numbers, letters and random dice throws.

Dani Carriere has graciously offered to score keep again this year, just like she did for last year's MOE contest.

Winners will be announced/drawn for at the Christmas event. This will give everyone's hides plenty of time to be found and raved about.

There might also be extra points if your Ammo Can can fit a Turdle inside. Actually, that might just win you the game, hands down.