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MBGA AGM & Ultimate Food Competition 2

Saturday, April 13, 2013 - 5:00pm
Saturday, April 13, 2013 - 9:00pm


Please join us for the MBGA Annual General Meeting.

This is a great opportunity to find out what the Manitoba Geocaching Association has been up to for the past year and to find out what we are planning for the year ahead. We will also be having a potluck dinner and cook-off!

Date: Saturday, April 13th, 2013
Time: 5:00 - 9:00 pm
Location: Fort Garry United Church, 800 Point Rd

Ultimate Food Championship @ 5PM

Twice per year, we have a major event which features a potluck. The Holiday event and the AGM. Each of these potlucks features a food challenge of some sort. This year's potluck challenge is the Ultimate Food Championship, Meat vs Vegetable!

Meat is the current, undisputed heavyweight champion. The challenger is the Vegetable. 10lbs of lean green fighting machine.

Vegetarian lovers, this is your chance to break out your best vegetable recipes and put them in the platagon against the mighty Meat.

Meat lovers, don't take this challenger lightly. Stay off your rump roasts and meet the challenge with the juiciest, marinates you can create.

In this competition, there is no testing for flavour enhancing stimulants. Feel free to inject those juices into your chosen champion and make the best dishlete possible!

The rules of the platagon:

The judging will occur for favourite meat dish and favourite vegetable dish separately. From this round of judging, one challenger from each camp will be identified. A final round of judging will occur to select either the meat dish or the vegetable dish.

When posting your "Will Attend" to this event, please list what you are bringing and how many people are in your party.

Our venue has two ovens for heating/re-heating of food and is equipped with all the amenities including a kids area. Please post a Will Attend if you are able to join us, as well as be sure to add it to your watchlist for changes and updates. A donation plate will be set out to help pay for the cost of the venue.

To quote Dragonfreys circa 2007, "A good potluck rule of thumb is to bring enough in the dish to feed your family if that is all they ate. Many people attempt to feed the whole group and you end up with way too much food. The fun thing about potlucks is you never really know what is going to be there, but usually works out to be quite a variety. Also be prepared to list ingredients as required for those who suffer food allergies"

MBGA Annual General Meeting at 7PM

After dinner, we will have a short meeting to review the MBGA's efforts over the past year and discuss plans for the upcoming year. There will also be elections for the new Board Members. If you are interested in running for election to join the Board, please contact the MBGA at nomination@mbgeocaching.ca.

Kids Activities

We are planning to have a couple of older geo-kids in attendance to watch over the smaller geo-kids in the mezzanine level. They will keep the younger ones occupied (and quieter during the meeting portion of this event) with activites and a movie. They will be paid for their services. Please consider adding a donation to our donation jar to offset the cost of both the hall and the babysitting payments.

Hope to see you all there!