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Manitoba Parks new Parks Strategy

Today, Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh announced a new parks strategy to grow and modernize Manitoba Provincal Parks.

One of these strategies comes in the category of Healthier Living and specifically mentions Geocaching as something that Manitoba Parks wants to expand and enhance as an enticement for Active Families to spend time in the Provincial Parks.

"The minister said the strategy will also explore new opportunities for active family fun including private sector partnerships for more geo-caching, new adventure sport and biking opportunities, and free park access in February."

Treasure hunting by geocaching enhances fresh air recreation and can attract new park users. Current guidelines will be supplemented with new partnerships for more welcoming and proactive opportunities including park cache listings, special events, prizes and gps units for borrowing at selected parks. Many individuals and organizations have already set up a “cache” in a provincial park and shared the coordinates (called “waypoints”)on www.geocaching.com."

As we celebrate passing the two millionth active geocache hidden (worldwide) milestone, coupled with this announcement, it certainly shows that Geocaching has come a very long way from the first cache placed by Dave Ulmer on May 3, 2000 in the woods outside of Portland, Oregon. Little did he know that his little GPS experiment would turn into an outdoor activity that would be promoted by Governmental bodies and healthy living organizations some thirteen years later. Geocaching has truly moved from being a curious fringe activity into a mainstream and popular activity in just a short time.

The Manitoba Geocaching Association is looking forward to working with Governmental departments, from Conservation and Parks to Education. We are looking forward to expanding and enhancing opportunities for people and families to experience and learn about the diverse Parks ecosystems we enjoy in Manitoba, through Geocaching.

The announcement can be read here

The Strategy can be found here