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Cache of the Month - June 2010

”BLITZ”: Raiders of the Cache Stash

 BLITZ”: Raiders of the Cache Stash

May 24, 2006 by Curiouser and Curiouser :
As the soundtrack of Indiana Jones swelled inside my head, I dodged numerous booby traps*, solved puzzling puzzles, braved dew-drenched grass**, and came face to face with my own mortality! And just when I thought I had triumphed, yet another obstacle was placed in the dimly lit path. Darkness fell, and with no beam to guide me (and my adventuresome parents, Xplorer and Ramblin Rose), peril and hopelessness abounded. I faced an old nemesis who jealously guarded the way. "You!" I gasped. Then I summoned new resolve.
"I have known you of old!" I boomed. "I knew you before you even had a name to speak!" *** Then the sound of a motor brrrming its way up to us. Lo! it was the Queen on a thundering chariot casting beams of flameless fire, illuminating our map and saving the day. Clap Clap Clap Clap All my gratitude for an excellent adventure.
I traded one snake for another, took wooden coin #2 and a 1Q4J poker chip.
*This may or may not be entirely true.
**This may or may not sound particularly menacing, but the dangers of catching a chill are not to be taken lightly.
***This dialogue may or may not have taken place primarily in the imagination, though stemming from a physical presence at the stash.

Cache of the Month - May 2010

April Foolish

April Foolish

More than 5 years in the planning, "April Foolish" is one of the premier caches in Canada, and is featured both in Groundspeak's "10 Best Caches in the world" and ranked #17 in the "20 Most Difficult Hides". Seekers of this cache are cautioned to plan carefully, and consider allowing 3 to 5 days to complete the initial stages, and another 2 days at minimum for the final. Due to a few modifications to the initial hides, there have been no serious injuries in the last six months. Good luck!

Cache of the Month - April 2010

Geeny Gmeeny Gminy G-Moe:

 Geeny Gmeeny Gminy G-Moe:

Back in the old days of caching (July 2007) when we had to walk uphill both ways to get a cache, an evil thought crossed the mind of a certain cacher, grnbrg by name. He one day comes out and thinks "hmm what if I put out a challenge to all the cachers to have a Month of Evil". He then puts this out for all cachers to contribute to. Hence, Gneevil the evil gnome was born. Uncle of Gnorman, the gnice gnome and a distant cousin of the very venerable Gnarly gnome, Gneevil was brought out to show the evilness of the gnomes g-gnomes. The cache was born as a side of evil and twistedness. The cache had been prepared and a rough idea of the area had been decided upon.
A whole gangling of gnomes tromped into the bush to find the new home of the vault. When the current location was found, it was exactly as Turdleggs described it in his log "A Tolkein Universe". All the logs are our favourites, they show such fun and misery at the same time, but the best log for this cache is owned by Gnarly's handlers 1Queenand4jokers who used it as their 1400th find and Gnarley's first. Mind you the salsa dance lessons on the sidewalk came in a close second. --Ztirnats

Cache of the Month - March 2010



Ground water observation stations of many variations have been used in Manitoba for several decades and generally go unnoticed by the general Public. They are used to monitor our precious ground water resource. We had driven past one of these stations twice every weekend through the summer months on the way to our cottage. Finally one day curiosity got the better of us and we stopped to see if we could figure out what it was. Affixed to the GWOS was a small plaque that described when it was placed and who placed it. As we looked it over, it dawned on us that this would make an awesome geocache, hidden in plain sight and large enough to stock many treasures. We took pictures of the GWOS that day and started planning its construction. The rest is history. We built a GWOS like cache, stocked it with treasures that kids of all ages would enjoy and continue to enjoy the legacy and feedback of GWOS, although in a slightly different manner then they were originally intended. --Trove Chasers

Cache of the Month - February 2010

Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins

The Old Pinawa Dam ruins and provincial park are a little known gem in Eastern Manitoba. We were looking for a location for our second cache and we'd always enjoyed picnicking and hiking at the ruins. The generating station operated from 1906 to 1951 and pioneered year round operation of a hydro-electric plant in a cold climate. The Canadian Armed Forces used it for demolition practice in the late 1950’s yet most of the structure still stands! There have been some fun entries in the log book - apparently it's a popular place to get married and a Parks person who accidentally found the cache left a friendly log. The Province have been working hard to improve the trails and bridges around the ruins and it is truly a beautiful place to visit. --TurdleEggs

Cache of the Month - January 2010

Yellow Park-1

Yellow Park-1

Five years ago there weren’t too many local mystery caches out and so I wanted to make one that would bring cachers out to my favourite brown bagging lunch spot, Crescent Drive Park. I also wanted it to be a bit challenging, but after reading the first few logs I added to the clues and upped the difficulty rating a notch. It’s been very rewarding, reading all the logs and notes and I knew the cache had achieved its purpose after reading Kabuthunk’s log. It’s still there, awaiting many more smileys. --Old Billygoat

Cache of the Month - December 2009

Where's Rudolph?

Where's Rudolph

The Where's Rudolph cache series was developed in the fall of 2008 as a way to get people, especially families, caching in the winter. The idea was to make a family oriented series where the kids and the adults would have fun finding the reindeer caches and work together solving the easy puzzle to find Rudolph.

As such, I made an effort to make sure that every cache in the series was kid friendly as well as winter friendly.

The basic idea is that Rudolph has disappeared! That made Santa quite nervous as Rudolph is the lead reindeer and in case of fog or other inclement weather, Rudolph becomes essential to the team. This jeopardizes the whole Christmas gift distribution which means that all the geocachers worldwide may not receive their new GPS for Christmas...

Cache of the Month - November 2009

Tupper's Titanic Treasure

Tupper's Titanic

The idea behind Tupper's Titanic Treasure began years ago when we cached in Halifax, Nova Scotia and found a Titanic cache in a graveyard. We fixed the cache up and have watched it since. It is still active. We soon researched Manitoba connections and found a man buried in Manitoba who had died in the disaster and hid a cache nearby: a puzzle cache hidden in Neepawa. Then one MBGA Pub Night, Dani started mentioning a story of an ancestor that she thought I should pass along to Riley (Joker 2), a Titanic Fanatic. I researched for truth in the midst of fiction for Dani and combined two of my great loves, geocaching and genealogy = geneacacheology. Dani has many other colorful ancestors which would be amazing to feature as caches as well. We are in the midst of researching one or two more Manitoba Titanic connections and planning caches for the distant future. We hope, in the dead of winter, cachers from near and abroad will take the time to research this one and find it in Spring/Summer. Winter will make it somewhat inaccessible. --1Queenand4Jokers